Virtual Reality @ Gerstein + MADLab

September 4, 2017

Virtual Reality @ Gerstein + MADLab

The Gerstein Science Information Centre and the MADLab have launched Virtual Reality @ Gerstein + MADLab, a two-tier service complete with 6 Google Cardboard headsets and a RICOH 360 Camera, both available for short-term loan, and a room-scale HTC Vive studio available by reservation only in the MADLab. Both services are available for all University of Toronto students, staff, and faculty.

Find out more about the service at

iLightboard Studio

iLightboard is an incredibly easy-to-use video lecture recording app that doubles as a live drawing app.

If you don't have an iPad to run this app, not to worry - we have built an iLightboard Studio, right here in the MADLab. Click here to find out  how to book time on this system to record your talk/lecture.

Example video:

iLightboard Demo - Text Words

UTKit Framework

UTKit is our own cross-platform, in-house rapid application development framework for mobile apps. UTKit can be used to create both iOS and Android apps from the same source material, and is ideal for apps that are rich in hierarchical content.

The MADLab can create a basic UTKit-based app for you and we'll train you on how to use basic HTML code to design your content.

If you want to get an idea of what's possible, check out ClassApp, our first app built with UTKit.

Contact us to find out how to get started!

On-Device Testing

Want to try out your app on some different devices? We have a variety of Android and iOS devices here that can be used to test your app. We also have MacBooks available for use by the UofT community if you need access to Mac hardware to run Xcode. Contact the MADLab to set up an appointment.


Have an idea for a mobile app and don't know where to turn? Stuck on a bug in the development process? Come visit the MADLab to chat with an iOS or Android developer, or keep an eye out for our exciting workshops and events.

App Distribution within UofT

Developing an app at UofT? Let us help you distribute your app to the UofT community. We can help you distribute your iOS/Android app from a private server or the public app store. Contact us for more information.

Apple Enterprise Developer License for iOS

Staff, faculty and grad students may access the Enterprise Developer License for iOS, for free through UofT. This license gives iOS developers access to significant development resources from Apple, including OS and software betas, CloudKit, TestFlight, and in-house app distribution. Contact the MADLab for more information on how to join.

3D Printing

Did you know that the MADLab hosts Gerstein's 3D printing service?

This equipment is available for use by all current students, faculty and staff at UofT. Come and join us for a training session - it's easy to get started, even if you have never used a 3D printer before!

More info: 3D Printing @ Gerstein+MADLab