Startup with Former UofT Students Looking For Android Developer

Startup with Former UofT Students Looking For Android Developer

Location: T oronto, Ontario T ype: Full Time & Part Time
HnL Innovations is currently developing a mobile app that helps students get together on large university campuses to create a sense of community. We are a hard­working team who share a vision to give students a chance to maximize their potential. If you share the same vision as us and would like to take an active hand in realizing it, we would like to bring your talent to work with us and to get to know you better.

Find out more in their posting:


DCSIL Startup is looking for an Android Developer

DCSIL Startup is looking for an Android Developer

Dymaxia, Inc. is a wearables startup venture with the UofT DCSIL. They are looking for an experienced Android developer.

More info here:

Android Developer Job Posting

Swift Sessions: Startups Edition

Swift Sessions: Startups Edition

Interested in coding for iOS, OSX and watchOS? Bring your lunch down the MADLab for a Swift demo (on optional-values) and Swift Q&A.

Stay to meet some new U of T startups looking for mobile development – Companies TBA.

Leave with a cool new project to work on – or at least a free snack and coffee.

When: Friday, January 22, 12-1:30 pm
Where: MADLab, Gerstein Science Information Centre
Who: Presented in partnership with U of T Libraries & the MADLab
Space is limited. Register now.


Help Evaluate A New App That Could Help You Stay On Top Of Your Work

An Invitation To Evaluate A New App That Could Help You Keep On Top Of Your Work

You know how much effort it takes to stay on top of your work.

You know how good it feels to take an item on your ‘To Do’ list and check it off.

You know how horrible it feels to miss a deadline or to hand in something that doesn’t reflect your best work because you didn’t allow the time to do it right.

You need a good planning tool to help you keep on top of your work.

Coach CheckItOff is a mobile app with a secret sauce that will help you keep up to date more effectively than any other planner –
and that a student who uses it will achieve higher grades and will have less stress along the way.

Come check it out on Thursday, December 17th at 6:00 p.m. at the MADLab at Gerstein Library.  The preview session will be 1 hour.

The developer is doing some alpha testing and would like to see how you like the app and how we can improve it based on your feedback.

Limited spaces available. Please RSVP to to sign up. A free snack will be provided.

Join a team to enter the Hult Competition

Join a team to enter the Hult Competition

Elsie Amoako wants to form a team to enter the Hult Competition – please see her request here:

My name is Elsie Amoako and I am a PhD student from UofT–I am entering the Hult competition ( I have a working idea and I need about two people who are interested in taking part of this competition and have some ideas as well and would like to meet with me to discuss further. I am not looking for any skills in particular but if you know anything about creating solar energy or human biogas that would be great—–you can get back to me via email asap—Thanks!

Help F.A.M.I.L.Y Street Developers Build Their Website

Help F.A.M.I.L.Y Street Developers Build Their Website

F.A.M.I.L.Y Street Developers is seeking a computer engineer capable of mentoring us through the production, and back end maintenance stages of website design.

The F.A.M.I.L.Y is a F(ilm).A(rchitecture).M(usic).I(ndustry).L(earning).forY(outh) multidisciplinary project, building an entertainment, design, production, and performance trailer and curating a showcasing event to culminate in a docudrama TV series. As we tell our local stories through documentary and reenactments that parallel with our donors and investors lives, we provide an array of jobs and mentoring opportunities to Toronto Neighbourhood Improvement Area youth in employment training and Social Responsibility, working with philanthropists/volunteers with relatable experiences.

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UofT MD Candidates looking for Student iPhone Developer

UofT MD Candidates looking for Student iPhone Developer

Brandon Tang and Elizabeth Liao are looking for a student with iPhone development experience to help create a app that would help improve the health of other students by providing simple, easy, and healthy recipes.

You can find out more about the project and the requirements here:


Entrepreneurship Resources

Thinking of turning an app idea into a business? Check out UTL’s entrepreneurship guide – access incredibly useful information about entrepreneurship, strategy, marketing, market research and more via UofT’s library.

Entrepreneurship Resources Guide

Research Assistant Opportunities in 3d Printing

Semaphore is hiring two research assistants as general Lab assistants, and to also assist with their projects on the socio-technical dimensions of 3D printing, including environmental questions, issues related to standardization/customization, and general socio- cultural concerns, as needed.


Work-study students must be registered in at least 2.0 credits continuously from September 2015 to April 2016 (at least 40% course load for graduate students). All student applications will be considered, but priority will be given to MI/MMST students registered at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto.


MADLab events: Oculus Rift, Xcode & introducing “Perform Your Migration”

There are several upcoming events here at the MADLab (Gerstein Science Information Centre) over the next few weeks – they are all free and open to students, faculty and staff at UofT.  (You must register at the Event URL for each session you would like to attend).  Please share!

App Workshop: Perform Your Migration

Date: Thursday January 29, 12:10 PM – 12:50 PM

Event & Registration URL:

(See Event URL for full description and presenter bios).

Presenters: Roberta Buiani and Natalie Doonan

We would like to introduce “Perform Your Migration”, a game for mobile devices, letting the player experience a variety of scenarios that mix a science-fiction narrative and real migration stories and testimonies; cartoonish characters and real human protagonists. The game format enables audiences to learn about the choices, or the lack of choices that an immigrant has, depending on her nationality, motivation, economic standing, age, health, ability, education, profession, religion, race and sexual orientation. Currently in the development phase, this game seeks to move beyond the mainstream portrayal of the migrant as a desperate, destitute or opportunist individual, aiming to provide a more nuanced description of the figure of the “migrant”, her motivations and her needs. In addition, it aims to make players aware of the complexities and difficulties involved in the process of migration, of the often-frustrating loops and complications involved in the process of migration, while keeping him/her engaged and willing to know more. During this presentation we will illustrate the various challenges emerged during our preliminary research phase, in our quest for viable platforms and appropriate formats. As well, we will pose questions in order to gather opinions, (technical and conceptual) advise and feedback from the audience.

Xcode & iOS Development for Beginners

Date: Thursday January 29, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Event & Registration URL:

Presenter: Michael Spears, MADLab

(See Event URL for full description).

Topics to be introduced include:

  • What is an IDE?
  • A tour of the Xcode interface.
  • Using Xcode with Git.
  • Building and compiling an app binary.
  • Adding multimedia resources to an app bundle.
  • A taxonomy of the files included in a typical app project.
  • Interactive debugging.
  • Designing a user interface with Interface Builder and Storyboards.
  • How to find documentation and help.

Live-coding, Virtual Reality & Oculus Rift

Date: Wednesday, February 4, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM 

Event & Registration URL:

Presenter: Brian Peiris

(See Event URL for full description.)

The latest generation of virtual reality hardware, along with emerging web standards such as WebVR and interactive 3D development tools like Unity have made VR accessible to a much wider audience of coders, artists, educators and explorers.

RiftSketch is an browser-based live-coding environment that presents a floating javascript editor inside a virtual world. Using the Three.js library, the visitor to this realm can insatiate and animate 3D objects without stepping outside the simulation.

Brian Peiris, the author of RiftSketch, will be here to provide an introduction to live-coding using ThreeJS, RiftSketch and the Oculus Rift. If there is time, we will allow guests to try out the Oculus Rift for themselves.

3D Printer Safety Training

There are still spots available for several of our upcoming 3D printer safety training sessions. Find out more about getting access to  the Gerstein 3D printers here:

3D printing session URLs: