The MADLab is a student-centric facility, at the heart of the downtown campus, devoted to accelerating mobile software development at U of T. The Lab hosts equipment, collaborative workspace, user groups and workshops, and is open to all U of T students, staff and faculty.

We are located in the Gerstein Science Information Centre, 9 King’s College Circle, Room B112 (at the south end of┬áthe first basement level). Hours are generally Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM, but it is recommended to contact for an appointment.

Why you might visit us at the lab:

  • You would like to get into mobile development quickly with some help.
  • You would like to tell the UofT community about your app project.
  • You would like support at any stage of the app project lifecycle – Idea, Design, Development, Testing, Production, Maintenance.
  • You would like to use our meeting space for your app development group meetings.
  • You are a client looking for an app developer, or you are an app developer looking for a client.


  • Manage and provide support for UofT’s iOS Developer Licenses (University, Enterprise, & App Store). Click here for more information.
  • Support for app development at UofT (one-one consultations, workshops)
  • App development services (Android, iOS, HTML)

Resources at the Lab

  • Seating for 30+ visitors
  • Digital projector and whiteboards
  • Two conference/breakout rooms
  • Two workstations with mobile SDKs and design software
  • Hardware samples
  • Equipment Locker
  • Refrigerator, coffee machine, microwave