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In order to develop software using the iOS SDK, you must become a member of Apple’s developer program. There are several types of membership available.

Free Membership: A free membership with the iOS Developer program gives you access to Xcode, the iOS SDK, the iOS Simulator, SDK documentation, sample code, WWDC videos, and more. Sign up here.

To test & debug your app on a physical device or to distribute your app you must be a member of one of the following developer programs. The University of Toronto is licensed under each of these programs and U of T students, faculty and staff may apply for free access. Some restrictions may apply.

University Developer Program: For students only. Members of this program get all the benefits of the free membership, plus the ability to register a physical iOS device for testing and debugging. This program gives U of T students access to the resources they need to build an app as part of a course or program of study. You may build and share your app with other members of the University Developer Program. Contact the MADLab manager to get started:

Enterprise Developer Program: This program is ideal for faculty, staff or departments who are developing apps for research or proprietary in-house purposes. In addition to the standard benefits of the free program, members of the Enterprise program can register a limited number of devices for debugging purposes, and can, through coordination with the MADLab, release apps internally to the U of T community without making the apps available publicly on the App Store. They also get access to preview versions of iOS and the iOS SDK. Please contact the MADLab manager to get started:

App Store Developer Program: This program is used by the University of Toronto to release official U of T apps publicly on the Apple App Store. If your department is interested releasing an app under the U of T name, please contact the MADLab manager for more information:


Getting the Development Tools
  1. Get the latest version of Xcode from the Mac App Store. Open the Mac App Store application on your Mac, search for Xcode and click “Free” to start the download. Xcode is a large 1GB+ download that includes the iOS SDK.
  2. You can start developing apps right away in Xcode using the iOS simulator for testing. If you would like to begin testing on a real device, contact the MADLab manager with your U of T-based e-mail address. Your address will be added to the appropriate U of T developer program roster and an invitation will be generated and sent back to your mailbox.
  3. You must accept the invitation that will be sent to you via the registered e-mail address – this will allow you to generate development certificates to run your Apps on your devices.
  4. Read the online Getting Started Docs!