Extreme Startups Events in May

April 29, 2014

Calling all developers and designers!

Extreme Startups is launching a series of events in May targeted toward developers and designers interested in working with

These events will give students the opportunity to meet and interact with startup founders & teams responsible for the innovations emerging from the Toronto Startup ecosystem.

Free registration here: Link

Summer Work Study Jobs at the MADLab

April 23, 2014

The MADLab has several summer work study positions open! If you are taking a course this summer, have skills in Android, iOS or HTML5 mobile development, and are interested in making some money creating apps and supporting others, please consider applying. You can find the listings on the Career Learning Network: https://cln.utoronto.ca/home.htm


Android Mobile Lab Assistant,  #32454

iOS Mobile Lab Assistant, #32448

HTML5 Mobile Lab Assistant,  #32455


New! How To Read UofT Library Journal Articles On Your iOS or Android Tablet

April 3, 2014

Download Browzine to browse, read, and monitor scholarly journals on your iOS or Android tablet.

Browse, read, and monitor scholarly journals on your iOS or Android tablet with a new app sponsored by the library. BrowZine gives you direct and easy access to many University of Toronto Libraries’ licensed electronic journals. Stay up to date with the top titles in your field and be notified when new issues become available. Save articles on your tablet or Dropbox, share them with collaborators, and send citation information to programs like Zotero and Mendeley.

More details and video.